As a teenager I lived a very sheltered life. I was very depressed and anxious all the time. I would barley speak to my own family. The only thing I wanted to do was hide in my bedroom and pretend that I didn’t exist. I was battling coming to terms with who I was and who I am, a gay man. I was about fifteen years old when out of no where, I got the song “I Will Survive” stuck in my head. I had learned about the song from a short video I saw online a few years prior; the one with the alien singing the song. After a quick search I found the song and downloaded it. It didn’t take long for me to learn the lyrics. I would listen to it for hours and hours. It truly made me feel so much better. As time went on, I can say my depression is a thing of the past and I’m a huge social butterfly! I currently work with SSM Health as a Surgery Support Tech, a job in which I pick up patients before they have surgery. Many of my patients are very nervous, as to be expected, so I make it my mission to make them feel better. Many times, I tell them about the song that has helped me, and I’ll start singing it to them. I also get my co-workers to sing it when they get stressed out as well. I love how this song can make people feel so much better! I still find myself singing the lyrics to myself when I get stressed! Thank you Gloria for everything you do. And thank you for helping the Lord to give me, and everyone else, strength not to fall apart!

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