Hope for Justice is an international non-profit organization working to bring an end to modern slavery and human trafficking. It has an effective and proven model that is replicable, scalable, and widely admired.


Hope for Justice was founded in the UK in 2008, and in 2014 it expanded into the US and Cambodia through a successful merger with Abolition International and Transitions Global. It has since further grown its worldwide operations: it now has six locations across three continents.


Hope for Justice’s work is split into three main strands:


Rescue: Our specialist investigators work closely with law enforcement to identify victims of trafficking and modern slavery, build bridges of trust with them and remove them from situations of exploitation.


Restore: We work with victims to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives. We offer tailored restorative care initiatives and help partners to develop accredited systems, and offer support to meet vital needs. This takes different forms in the different countries where we operate.


Reform: We train frontline professionals to spot the signs of modern slavery and act on it, and seek policy change by influencing governments and media. We work with the corporate sector and businesses to eliminate modern slavery from supply chains.


Hope for Justice is victim-focused, but is also committed to ensuring traffickers are brought to justice.


In February 2017, Hope for Justice was invited to the White House to brief the President in person about the issue of human trafficking and the need for more federal resources to be devoted to this crime.

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