To provide transitional housing and, services, and holistic resources for Survivors of domestic violence and their family pets and to eradicate violence against women and children in the state of South Carolina.


A state which protects women and children from all conceivable forms of violence. A state which provides adequate housing and resources; thus, empowering victims of domestic violence and equipping Survivors with the tools necessary to rebuild their lives, happy, healthy, and free from abuse.


A pilot project called THRIVE SC, based on a proven prototype developed by the Washington State Coalition for Domestic Violence, which can be replicated throughout South Carolina (and beyond). THRIVE’S goal is to provide multiple levels of shelter and transitional housing for victims of domestic violence, including family pets, who are usually the first to be abused.


THRIVE will offer independent, non-communal living by replacing the traditional, shared living space setting with modern, individual efficiencies constructed of recycled shipping containers. This cutting-edge approach helps residents and families to heal by providing much-needed personal space.


Privacy fosters the re-establishment of dignity, as most abuse victims are deprived of personal space and are often subjected to strict and harsh rules.

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